Cell Phone Lookup

Cell Phone Lookup

There are many reasons that you may want to use a Cell Phone Lookup service like Phone Detective to find the owner of a cell phone number on your phone or the cell phone of a loved one.

Are you worried about who your teenage daughter or son may be talking to on their cell phone? Some individuals are also concerned about furtive behavior of their significant other when making or answering certain cell phone calls. Especially for children, monitoring their computer usage is important to avoid online predators. But if a predator has gotten your child’s cell phone number, or your partner’s behavior is driving you wild with worry and curiosity, the solution is simple. When the phone is left unattended, simply look at its calls received/made histories and quickly note the unfamiliar numbers. If you are connected to a cellular service, your monthly bill will show all numbers called with the phone, also. You then simply enter the phone number you consider suspicious into a cell phone number reverse directory and get your answer.

Cell Phone Lookup
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Cell Phone Lookup

It is as simple as typing the telephone number into the website’s search box. The directory can let you know if they have a record of the number. They can give you an advance description of the available information on the number such as its location and user names, if part of their data base.

If the information looks like it is worth the investment you can then agree to pay for it. You can either pay a one-time fee for one search (about the price of two Subway-sub meals) or for an additional charge you can sign up for unlimited searches–a better deal if you have lots of numbers to check.

The information that sites will attempt to provide, depending on how complete their information source was, would normally include:

–cell phone number owner
–address for billing purposes
–a map of the address
–the wireless service provider
–additional phone numbers this cell phone owner may have
–identity of persons who may be related or who live in the same neighborhood
–address history

One important cautionary note: do not deal with an online cellular telephone-number search service that wants to charge money without telling what information the money will buy. Particularly avoid any that want you to provide them with your personal information before even telling you what information they have available–they may be adding you to their data base or trying to obtain information for illicit purposes. A reputable site will have a refund policy if the information received turns out to be incorrect or outdated.

Any site that offers to provide information free cannot be legitimate. There are plenty of sites that claim to be able to provide service without charge but that is highly unlikely–they would not only be providing you the service for free, they would be spending money to get the information from the cell phone company. Cellular phone numbers are not a matter of public information. The cellular phone providers do not have to give out their phone numbers to anyone so they charge for the time it requires to provide that information. A reputable reverse directory website must include this cost to them in the charge to you.

To locate a reputable cell phone lookup website, just search for Reverse Cell Phone Lookup using your computer and this source will provide a legitimate report for a reasonable price.

Navigating Cell Phone Directories: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Contact Information

Cell Phone Directory Websites

In today’s digital age, tracking down someone’s contact information might feel like a Herculean task. The endless Google searches and frustrating dead ends can be disheartening. But fret not! This guide is here to show you how to effortlessly locate anyone’s contact details using cell phone directories. Say goodbye to the days of fruitless searches and hello to instant results. Join us on this journey through the world of cell phone directories and discover how to find anyone’s contact information with ease.

cell phone directory

Unraveling Cell Phone Directories:

Phone directories serve as online repositories containing contact information for both individuals and businesses. They aggregate data from various sources like public records, social media profiles, and user submissions, making it accessible through online search engines and directories.

Some directories may require users to create an account and pay a fee for access, while others offer free services with potentially limited information. It’s crucial to choose a reputable directory to ensure the information retrieved is accurate and up-to-date.

Legal and Privacy Considerations:

While cell phone directories can be invaluable, it’s essential to be mindful of legal and privacy implications. Using them for marketing purposes without consent, for instance, may run afoul of the CAN-SPAM Act. Some states have laws restricting specific uses of cell phone directories, such as telemarketing or debt collection. To sidestep legal entanglements and safeguard privacy, it’s imperative to employ cell phone directories only for legitimate purposes and with consent when necessary.

Advantages of Using Cell Phone Directories:

The benefits of utilizing phone directories are manifold. They save time and effort, particularly when searching for contact information of individuals with common names or those who have relocated frequently. They also serve as a valuable tool for rekindling old friendships, locating potential business partners, or even identifying mystery callers.

Moreover, many directories provide additional information beyond contact details, including social media profiles, public records, and background checks. This wealth of information can prove invaluable for research or identity verification.

Noteworthy Cell Phone Directory Platforms:

Several cell phone directory websites and apps cater to diverse needs and preferences:

  1. Whitepages: Offering both free and paid services, Whitepages is a renowned directory providing contact information, criminal records, social media profiles, and background checks.
  2. Spokeo: Known for its versatility, Spokeo offers services such as reverse phone lookup, email search, and background checks, allowing users to find contact information using various parameters.
  3. Truecaller: This mobile app aids in identifying unknown callers and blocking spam calls, offering additional features like call recording and messaging.
  4. Intelius: A comprehensive background check service, Intelius encompasses services like reverse phone lookup, people search, and criminal records search, allowing users to find contact information through different means.
  5. ZabaSearch: A free people search engine, ZabaSearch provides contact information, public records, and social media profiles based on a person’s name, phone number, or address.

Tips for Effective Usage:

To maximize the benefits of cell phone directories, consider these tips:

  1. Diversify your sources: Different directories may yield different results, so it’s advisable to search multiple platforms for comprehensive information.
  2. Leverage advanced search options: Filters based on location or occupation can expedite your search, ensuring you find the information you need promptly.
  3. Verify information: Before relying on contact details, cross-verify their accuracy from multiple sources to ensure precision.
  4. Respect privacy: Uphold ethical standards by using information obtained from cell phone directories for lawful and legitimate purposes, seeking consent when appropriate.

Advanced Techniques for Enhanced Results:

Beyond basic searches, cell phone directories offer advanced techniques to streamline your quest:

  1. Reverse phone lookup: Identify a person’s name and address using their phone number, useful for recognizing unidentified callers or locating business contacts.
  2. Social media search: Unearth contact information from social media profiles, a handy tool for individuals without publicly listed phone numbers or addresses.
  3. Public records search: Delve into public records like property, criminal, or marriage records for additional contact information.
  4. Email search: Some directories allow searches based on email addresses, facilitating contact discovery for individuals without readily available phone numbers or addresses.

Exploring Alternatives:

While cell phone directories are invaluable, consider these alternatives for finding contact information:

  1. Social media: Many individuals list their contact information on their profiles, making platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn excellent resources for locating contacts.
  2. Professional networks: Websites like LinkedIn are tailored for business networking, allowing you to search for individuals based on their name, job title, or company.
  3. Local directories: Traditional directories like the Yellow Pages remain useful for finding contact information for local businesses.

Safeguarding Your Privacy:

If privacy is a concern, here are steps to remove your contact information from cell phone directories:

  1. Contact the directory: Reach out directly to request the removal of your information from their databases.
  2. Opt-out options: Some directories offer simple online processes for individuals to opt-out and have their information removed.
  3. Exercise caution online: Minimize public exposure of your contact information and exercise discretion when sharing details on online platforms or directories.


Empowered with knowledge of cell phone directories, you can seamlessly connect with others and conduct research. With responsible and effective use, you’ll unlock a wealth of valuable connections in the digital landscape. Whether you’re reuniting with an old friend, seeking a potential business partner, or identifying an unknown caller, cell phone directories are your gateway to contact information. Take charge of your connections today!

Mobile Tax Filing Provides Competitive Advantage

Tax Filing Mobile

TurboTax is number one in the mobile tax filing space, which does not bode well for H&R Block.

The process of doing your own taxes is becoming much easier. Now, you can even do them from your mobile device.

mobile tax filing photo
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If the thought of going mobile to file your taxes frightens you, rest assured that the process is quite simple. With the TurboTax app, it is easy to upload your W2 to your tax return just by snapping a picture.

Evidence shows that use of the mobile tax filing application from TurboTax is on the rise.

Sensor Tower‘s VentureBeat reported that TurboTax was able to make $560,000 in one day in February at the start of tax season. Sensor Tower is a company that provides information regarding mobile app store data.

Over the past three years, the money from this app has grown. In fact, by the deadline in April, the revenue that this app is making could reach into the millions.

Sensor Tower further reported that the revenues for H&R Block are not that much. When asked, the H&R Block representative said that the company does not report revenue data and that the information Sensor Tower was reporting was incorrect. TurboTax remained silent on the data.

Comparing customer satisfaction ratings, TurboTax received high marks across all mobile devices with H&R Block ratings comparatively lower. However, there were more reviews of TurboTax.

Both TurboTax and H&R block provide a free download of a mobile app for filing taxes, but getting into this space first is helping TurboTax gain revenue over the competition.

Which Reverse Lookup Cell Phone Rates Better?

Reverse Lookup Cell Phone

There are many apps out there that claim they can do a reverse lookup cell phone, also known as a Reverse Lookup. These apps say that they will give you the details needed to see who is calling your phone.

One such app is titled CallerSmart. This app is community driven which lets you know that it is updated pretty consistently. This app even provides an entertainment element in such that it will give you points for updating and adding phone numbers. It is a free to download app but does allow in app purchases for premium service. The Premium Number Protection allows you to add your own number and see who is looking you up. There was room for improvement in the fact that many of the numbers looked up are not in the database yet. This can be easily fixed in the future but it does show that at this time it is not the most popular app out there.

Reverse Lookup Cell Phone
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Another reverse cell phone lookup is Number Guru. This app will search through an extensive database that also includes landline numbers as well as almost half of all listed cell phones. The easy to use system allows you to copy and paste the number into their system and it will provide the name and any comments from other who have looked up the same number. The one downfall is that you need to purchase an upgrade or go through many advertisements to get the information that one is looking for. If you do not mind watching commercials that this phone app may be the perfect choice.

In the end both apps work well. The winner at this point and time would have to bee Number Guru just because it has a more complete list of numbers.

Top Reverse Cell Phone Directories Compared

Reverse Cell Phone Directories

There are a couple of dozen Reverse Cell Phone Directories where you can do a reverse search for someone that has called you. But often the directories are out of date, inaccurate and/or too expensive. When the Caller ID isn’t showing the owner of a number, when you kids phone has unknown numbers called and received, someone from a dating site is calling you and you want their real information, or when you think your spouse is spending time cheating on you, you need an inexpensive and great reverse cell phone service.

Reverse Cell Phone Directories

ReverseLookupAnything.com has recently provided a review of the top reverse cell phone directories in the US. You can lookup business, cell phone, or land line phone numbers. The white pages and the yellow pages sometimes have what you are looking for but cell phone numbers aren’t listed and you want the most up-to-date information you can get. Verizon and T Mobile are known for not providing customer data to the public. If a call was made through one of these networks, you need the best lookup directory you can find.

Cell phones are recycled today and customers drop numbers and get new numbers all the time. Accuracy and freshness matter. Try the reverse cell phone number services offered here and see for yourself, the best results that you can find.

New Reverse Cell Phones Legislation Introduced

Reverse Cell Phones Legislation

How Will the Cellphone Unlocking Law (Reverse Cell Phones Legislation) Affect You?

President Obama is set to introduce a law that will legalize cellphone unlocking. This is ground-breaking news, but how will it affect the way you use your mobile devices? If citizens are permitted to Reverse Cell Phones, will it open up the proverbial can of worms?

How Will the Cellphone Unlocking Law (Reverse Cell Phones Legislation) Affect You?
How Will the Cellphone Unlocking Law (Reverse Cell Phones Legislation) Affect You?

Unlock your cell phone and you can run it on any carrier network. At present U.S.law makes it illegal to Reverse Cell Phones with carrier permission. However, the White House, numerous advocacy groups and consumers have fought to legalize phone unlocking. Even the wireless industry, who opposed the idea appear to have had a change of heart.

Reverse Cell Phones Legislation

In the last few days, a new law dubbed the ‘Unlocking Consumer and Wireless Competition Act’ has been approved by the Senate and the House. The new law will make it legal to reverse cell phones without breaking copyright laws.

So, you can reverse your cell phone, what difference will this make to you? Cell phone users must realize that certain technologies are incompatible with certain makes of cell phone. For example, an unlocked Sprint phone wont necessarily work on the Verizon Voice Network.

OK, so lets assume you own a world phone. Will you be able to use any carrier? You may and you may not, reverse cell phones have a mind of their own.
Own an iPhone? Look on the chart at MacRumors to find out which networks you can use.

Do Reverse Cell Phones work overseas? If you own an unlocked world phone there is every chance it will work abroad.

Does the new legislation apply to tablets?

Afraid not. The bill covers cell phones only, however, at some point in the future congress may consider making other wireless devices eligible for unlocking.

Can bulk unlockers Reverse Cell Phones?

An earlier bill stated that bulk unlockers would be prohibited from unlocking cell phones, this included phone resellers and cell phone recyclers. Supporters of the cellphone unlock movement voiced their displeasure and the phrase ‘bulk unlockers’ was removed from the bill, giving them the right to unlock cell phones just like any other citizen.

Using A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service within Facebook

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service

Fortunately, reverse phone searches are easier than reverse e-mail lookups. The latter requires some guesswork and doesn’t always produce results. Various sites offer phone lookup services, but they charge hefty fees for a single use. Therefore, individuals should look for reliable, free solutions. Entering phone numbers in the following sites will yield results for free. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service is a great service to try.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service
Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service

Facebook users have their own reverse cell phone lookup solution and don’t even know it. By entering a phone number into the search field, results will pop up. Results will show whether the number’s owner has their privacy settings utilized or not. This tactic works for most numbers, as long as that person has theirs on their profile. Plus, two users don’t need to be friends for this solution to work.

If a person hasn’t linked their number to Facebook, more traditional means are necessary. An individual will have to use a reverse phone lookup site. Users enter the number into the site and receive public results. Typically, a person needs to pay for this service. Free options are quite rare today, and even paid options can come with catches. Many people find themselves paying for services that don’t give them the requested information.

While reverse lookup sites have a spotty track record, they can work. Other solutions involve a Google Search or using a free service. Each option comes with varying rates of success, and a person can’t always find the info they desire. In the end, it’s important to exhaust free solutions before moving onto the paid ones.