Cellphone Storage Extra Income for Some Near Riker’s Island

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Cellphone Storage Extra Income for Some Near Riker’s Island

In a recent story by the New York Times, entrepreneurs with small business near Riker’s Island and others are making extra cash by providing cell phone storage for tourists visiting the jail. With a complete ban of electronic equipment at the jail and a limited number of lockers available to store valuables outside the prison, some creative vendors and small business owners are providing storage for a small fee.

Mr Phone Man

Funny No Cell Phone Sign (Photo credits: www.smartsign.com)

A doughnut shop owner is Queens is holding valuables for tourists for a price. Also a newsstand owner in Lower Manhattan is providing a place for tourist to keep cell phones, cameras, beepers and other equipment until they have completed the tour of the island. And then there’s Robert Williams who is known as Bobby the Phone Man. Sitting next to the full lockers with a megaphone, brown sacks, and markers, he’ll keep your phone and other devices for $3. On a normal day he holds bags for 20 different tourists.

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