Amazon Black Friday Deals on Cell Phones and Accessories

Amazon Black Friday Deals on Cell Phones and Accessories

Amazon didn’t want to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start cutting prices on popular items including cell phones and cell phone accessories. The popular holiday shopping website has rolled out an entire week of Black Friday deals that shoppers can take advantage of. You will find phones with service, prepaid phones, unlocked phones, mobile broadband and much more.

They have a Nokia N900 Unlocked Phone and Mobile Computer for $549.99, a 15% savings. Plus a $50 rebate which reduces the price to just below $500. You get free shipping with your purchase but must wait as only pre-orders are being taken at this time. It’s a pretty nice phone with a touch screen, keyboard, 5 MP camera, Browser, and 32 GB of memory.

The deals aren’t limited to cell phones either. They range in categories from Books and Movies to Clothing and Home. Their Black Friday Lightning Deals have a ticker that creates the excitement for specially marked merchandise. A SpaceBalls DVD for 87% off only has 3 minutes remaining with 46% of the quantity sold. And a Assassins Creed II for PS3 video game is selling for 17% off for the same limited time.

Block Phone Numbers on a Cell Phone

Block Phone Numbers on a Cell Phone

Unwanted calls on any home are annoying but when you are being billed by the minute, like on a cell phone, the calls can be extremely irritating. Ever wonder how to block certain numbers from calling your cell? We have answers for you today.

Telemarketing Callers

Telemarketers have been collecting more and more cell phone numbers as the public has slowly been switching all their phone service to cellular. The best way to keep your number from being called by telemarketers is to list it with the FTC Do Not Call List. The Federal phone number registry requires all sales calls to first double check the list or be fined. You can find the registry page at If you are registered and still receive sales calls, you can file a complaint at eSupport.Fcc.Gov/Complains.htm.

Cell Phone Blocking

Check the features on your cell phone. Many cell phones now allow users to block numbers when an unwanted call is received. Often the call does not ring the phone and is either ignored or sent to voicemail automatically. Take a look at your manual of at Howard Forums, an online repository of cell phone information.

Service Provider Features

Some service providers have features to block calls within the network before they are routed to your phone. You have the option of developing a list of blocked numbers or giving your provider a list of approved numbers. Often there is an additional charge for this service but if the calls are considered to be harassing, the fees are waived.

A Secondary Service

Having an additional phone line available will relieve some of the calls you do not want to receive. Google Voice offers free local numbers and can be used for this purpose. Google Voice takes every incoming call and redirects it based upon your settings. You can also change the redirection based upon the time of the day. Therefore if you have free nights and weekends on your cell phone, receiving all calls then will not affect your bill.

How to Block Caller ID When Calling Someone

How To Block Call ID On The Iphone

Often when you call someone you do not want them to see your number. If you are making a personal call from your business line or making a personal call from a business. Maybe you are making a call for your side business at your full-time job. There are two primary ways how to block caller id services from displaying your information.

Dial *67 To Block Call ID

First, you can block an individual call by dialing *67 prior to dialing the number. This will cause the caller id to display “Blocked” on the receivers phone. The only down-side is when the call recipient is screening their calls and will not answer a blocked caller id call. You can test this feature first by calling your home phone from your cellular and monitoring the caller id information.

How To Block Caller ID

Request a Private Number

Another way to block caller id for your phone calls is to make your number private. This will disable caller id for all calls that you make from the number. Call you provider weather it be Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, of AT&T. Request that your number be changed to a private number. They may charge a small additional fee for the service but it could be worth it to protect your identity when making certain calls. Dial 611 from your mobile phone to reach customer service of your cellular carrier.

Google’s Phonebook Search

Google’s Phonebook Search

If you’ve ever seen phone numbers appear along with search results when searching the Internet with Google, you have inadvertently accessed Google’s Phonebook Search. This mostly unknown feature searches Google’s phone book data for residential and business information.

Normal Phone Search

To directly search the phone book type in ‘phonebook:’ along with your search. You can find a person’s phone number by entering a name and at least a state. The more information you enter the better your results will be. The downside is that Google’s phonebook can only locate publicly available phone numbers and not cell phones.

Reverse Phone Lookup

One nice feature is the ability to do a reverse phone lookup. Start with the ‘phonebook:’ directive and then add the phone number you want to find the owner of. Numbers entered in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx return the best results. Google Maps are also often available to provide directions to the address that is discovered in the search.

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