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How to Block Caller ID When Calling Someone

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How to Block Caller ID When Calling Someone

Often when you call someone you do not want them to see your number. If you are making a personal call from your business line or making a personal call from a business. Maybe you are making a call for your side business at your full-time job. There are two primary ways to block caller id services from displaying your information.

Dial *67

First, you can block an individual call by dialing *67 prior to dialing the number. This will cause the caller id to display “Blocked” on the receivers phone. The only down-side is when the call recipient is screening their calls and will not answer a blocked caller id call. You can test this feature first by calling your home phone from your cellular and monitoring the caller id information.

Request a Private Number

Another way to block caller id for your phone calls is to make your number private. This will disable caller id for all calls that you make from the number. Call you provider weather it be Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, of AT&T. Request that your number be changed to a private number. They may charge a small additional fee for the service but it could be worth it to protect your identity when making certain calls. Dial 611 from your mobile phone to reach customer service of your cellular carrier.

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