Florida School District Takes Cell Phones Away

cell phone ban

Florida School District Takes Cell Phones Away

When suspensions for cell phone usage during class didn’t stop the abuse of texting during school, Escambia Co School District changed their policy. The school system now confiscates the cell phones and calls the parents of the student to come and pick up the phones.

Parents like having their kids carrying cell phones during school in case there is a need for the student to contact their parents. But when kids began texting all class long, something had to be done. The schools began suspending students which led to 2,000 suspensions and the kids didn’t stop using their phones.

The new policy has had some parents concerned about their kids not having cell phones but it has worked. Middle school use of phones during class has declined 83% while high school use has dropped by 66%. Banning cell phones all together is not allowed as state law prohibits out right banning. But the current policy is permitted.

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