How do Reverse Phone Services Compare?

How do Reverse Phone Services Compare?

Reverse Phone Number Searches are great when you receive a call and need to find the owner of the phone number’s name and address. But sometimes it is difficult to obtain this valuable information from the free services and sometimes even from the paid services. It becomes obvious quickly when you do find the one service that has the results, that not all phone directory services are the same.

Reverse Phone Number Lookups Vary

Some online phone lookup services offer only one kind of information while others offer a variety of information and larger databases of phone numbers to search. Determining up front the information you need, will be helpful in selecting a reverse phone service to use.

Some Reverse Phone Lookups Are Fee Based

You will find that a number of online phone directory search services costs money to use. Often the fees apply only when you need additional information beyond the city and name of the calling number. But if you want other details like the specific address, others living at the address, prior addresses, etc. the advanced data will most likely come with a charge. And some online services have a limited number of phone numbers to search. When you can’t find the cell phone or unlisted number there, you will have to use the more detailed reverse lookups.


Seasoned Business vs Brand New

Another thing to consider is the number of years an online search service has been in business. The newer services can have the same information and provide the same services but the level of trust is something you need to consider. When paying for an online service like reverse phone lookup, do you feel comfortable providing your credit card information to the directory service? Sometimes using a prepaid credit card is your best strategy.


There are a number of differences to consider when looking for a reverse phone directory service. Determine the information that you need, compare services, and make sure you trust the online directory before providing your credit information.

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