Take Control of Harassing Phone Calls

Take Control of Harassing Phone Calls

People are on the phone more now than ever before due to technology that allows complete mobility while talking. So many individuals spend a vast majority of their day conducting business, ordering products, speaking with customers, or just reaching out to a good friend via landline and cell phones. Along with this much usage, there is always the opportunity for someone to abuse the privilege in the form of harassment. Prank calls are normally thought to be jokesters playing around and then hanging up on non-suspecting individuals. However, if the caller continues to phone and make you uncomfortable, this may be a good time to notify someone.

Police departments normally have their hands tied when a complaint comes in about harassing phone calls. There has to be a bodily threat of harm to the receiver or their family before action can be taken. Although hang-ups can be annoying, threats become personal. Most individuals making the calls are able to block their name from appearing on caller identification. If you are able to see the number or find it on your phone bill, action can be taken.

There are now websites such as www.phonedetctive.com that can alert you to the harasser’s name. By entering the phone number, a search is completed until the person is identified by name and address. With this information, you can further the search by checking for criminal or arrest records. Access is given to the public as to whether the individual has ever been charged with a crime locally or nationally. Determining if the person has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony can alert you to the danger level at risk.

Once this information is obtained, eliminating the harassing calls may be as easy as stating the caller’s name and address when they contact you. This could stop the problem immediately. If the harassment continues, you have important information ready when contacting the police. An individual with a criminal record will most certainly alert law enforcement to the priority needs of a complaint. By utilizing sites similar to www.phonedetective.com, the threat can be contained and taken care of through the help of local authorities. Phone harassment is not something to take lightly and individuals now have the ability to insure their safety.

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