Know When Your Child Is Safe

Know When Your Child Is Safe

Parents have a difficult job when it comes to securing the safety of their children. Independence is a high priority for your son or daughter with the many pressures of peer influence. You attempt to trust their decisions, but overall one must realize they are still just young people. There are many situations where you may wonder if they are safe. An example of this is dropping a child off at a strange residence or building and not knowing who lives there. This area of town may be new to you or the environment appear unpleasant.

Young adults tend to find themselves in situations that may be dangerous. Being surrounded by peers and friends gives them a false sense of security. You, as the parent, have the right to question the situation. Rather than cause an immediate conflict with your child, simply visit a website such as By entering the address or phone number of a person in question, information can be gathered into that individual’s name and background. This information is collected confidentially without the party knowing.

An adult is ultimately responsible for their children or adolescents. If someone is acting in a manner that could be harmful, a parent needs to know. allows you to check into one’s criminal history and gain access to their court records. Knowing if someone has a felony charge for drug possession, armed robbery, or sexual assault can be the difference between life and death for a child. Information into possible dangerous situations can be shared with other parents to prevent unsuspecting victims from coming into harm’s way. Talking with your child about the facts obtained will open their eyes to the safety concerns that should be taken on a more serious level.

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