The HTC Magic

These days, smartphones are all the rage. Consumers no longer want cellular phones that just place calls. People want to be able to text, send and receive pictures, check email, download music, surf the internet, use Microsoft Office, and more. The cellular phone companies have developed more hi-tech phones to meet our needs, such as personal digital assistants or PDA’s. The HTC Magic is a PDA smartphone that is like having a handheld computer.

The HTC Magic provides quick, reliable service. It also has many desirable features, which places this phone above the others on the market.

Smartphones are taking over the cellular phone market and this one is revolutionary. The HTC Magic offers you fast and reliable cellular phone service. No matter how many features you want with your phone, having good service is still the most important. The phone offers 3.5 G network with wi-fi technology that makes smooth transitions between networks. The calls come in very clear and are rarely dropped.

The HTC Magic has many features along with it that make it a desirable phone as well as lots of accessories like a htc magic case. This touch-screen phone has HVGA resolution with 320×480 pixels. The phone also comes with Google apps, which include GPS and internet. You can also access other application downloads. Microsoft Word and Excel, Quick Office, and PDF Viewer come standard with it as well. The HTC Magic also includes ActiveSync by Microsoft Exchange and has email that allows you to synchronize your calendar and contacts. The 3.2 mega pixel camera takes excellent pictures, and you can upgrade the memory on this phone at any time.

Nowadays, as smartphones are becoming more popular many features are being added to make cellular phones more like handheld computers. The HTC magic is no exception. This phone offers excellent phone service while providing top of the line features for people who are looking for a phone and htc magic accessories that can do it all.

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