Buying Inexpensive Cell Phones

Getting yourself a good but inexpensive cell phone shouldn’t be a problem with a little resourcefulness on your part. Get them cheap from people who need money fast. In order to do this, you should spread the word around in your neighborhood that you are looking to buy a good second-hand cell phone. Of course, it would be a definite advantage in this case for you to have some savvy concerning these gadgets. Before purchasing the item, you should test it carefully for damages in the components of the circuitry.

Get them affordably by looking for older models in cell phone stores or on the internet. As soon as the newer makes come out of the factory, previous models tend to go down appreciably in price. The newer ones won’t be that much better than preceding models, but the price difference is usually big. You might even be able to catch some 3G deals.

Look for cell phones being sold in social networking websites. Since these vendors are not really businessmen, you might be able to haggle a good price for the items from them. The only thing is, you will have to examine phones that you buy from private vendors for defects before buying. If possible, ask for some kind of warranty from the person selling it.

Forums and blogs about cell phones are also excellent fishing grounds for the cheapest mobile phones. You will have to exercise more care in this places, though, as you won’t usually know the persons selling that well, unlike in social networking sites.

You can even get non-sim cell phones for free. You will only need to pay the supplying company for the line. Type ‘free cell phones’ in any search engine and you can see the websites that have these types of offers.

By far the best way to buy inexpensive cell phones is to study how to assemble them. Take up a crash course as a cell phone technician. In a matter of a few weeks, you can be putting together your own mobile unit. You only need to buy the parts required and won’t have to dish out anything for the labor and miscellaneous costs that are imposed by regular vendors on their wares. You could also earn a few cents on the side fixing up other people’s mobile units.

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