Phone Records: An Easy Look Up Guide

There are several personal reasons why you want to find information on the owner of a certain phone number. You may have found a phone number in a post-it paper scattered on your desk and you became curious who might have owned it and why you have it on your possession. This could also be a number you found in your spouse’s cell phone and you became curious who your spouse has been calling. Or worst, it could be that prankster who annoys you in the middle of the night, making nonsense calls.

The first thing that you should try to find out who this people are is to reverse lookup a phone number. This is perhaps the easiest way to acquire phone records. The downfall is, it is only easy if the number you are searching is that of a landline. On contrary, if the number you have in hand is a cell phone number, it would not be that easy because of the privacy issues. There are no free online databases which contains cell phone number, unlike with the land line numbers wherein you could easily find them on publicly online phone books.

Another annoying thing that could ever happen to you is when telemarketers find your cell phone numbers and call you all day long, making promotional talks about their nonsense junks. How would you feel? For sure, this won’t make you any happier. This is exactly one of the reasons why cell phone numbers are not included in the public databases. It protects you and provides you with the privacy you deserve.


However, cell phone numbers can be reversely looked up. Although they are not included in the public databases, these numbers are contained in the private databases of cellular companies. In conclusion, these private companies have a list of information that you have specified when you signed a contract with them. It was known that there are other corporations who purchase these databases from different phone companies. The bright side is, for privacy reasons, they do not provide free access to this database. That is why a fee is required for you to be able to get this data. This is an assurance that reverse phone record results are not to be used for illegal purposes.

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