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Life Saving Mobile Phone Charms

When you think of mobile phone charms it is normal to think tweens dressed in hello kitty wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt. But not all charms are created equal, some charms are actually for consenting adults. The charms in question are made by Japanese firm Strapya World and at first glance they might seam a little gruesome, due to the fact that they are tiny blood bag. What is interesting about these charms is not only that they look cool, but that in Japan these types of charms are used to attract prospective partners. The Japanese believe that a persons blood type can tell you a lot about their personality, so if your type A and he is type AB Neg, it’s a date.

Another handy reason for these charms is that if you were involved in a nasty accident, you are likely to be carrying your mobile phone and this will tell doctors quickly what blood type you are. (OK, so they would likely run a real check but it’s handy).

Their are also charms that contain a persons prescription tablets, so if they suffer from a heart condition or some other serious illness they can keep their tablets at hand at all times.

Another good idea for a charm would be a diabetes blood sugar level checker, this could be compact and carried with the sufferer.

Claire Stokoe is a social media consultant, fashion designer and writes for

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