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Living A Mobile Phone Free Life

Mobile Phones
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These days, it seems as though everyone has a mobile phone – from small children to elderly grandparents. No matter where you go, from supermarkets to cinemas, you’re sure to find someone tapping away on tiny keys or shattering the peace with a shouted conversation. Not only to these people often make noise on their phones without any consideration for the people around them – surely everyone has seen at least one theater or dance performance disturbed by the tinkle of someone’s ringtone – but they sometimes commit an even worse sin – paying more attention to their phones than the real people standing right in front of them.

If you’re scared of becoming one of those phone-obsessed people, then you’ll be glad to know there in an alternative. Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible for you to live a completely happy and fulfilled life in the modern world without a mobile phone. In fact, you’re sure to find you have a whole lot more spare time, as well as enjoy benefits such as the ability to make sure you’re always able to concentrate on the here and now – rather than the false world of the mobile phone.

In this modern world, getting rid of your mobile phone does mean one thing – you’re friends will have to stick to any arrangements you’ve made, and so will you. Without an easy way to reorganize or change plans at the last minute, you’ll find you need to become better at managing your diary and ensuring that when you commit to do something, you will actually be able to do it.

Not having a mobile also means that you could find yourself actually talking to friends more often, and rather than making do with a text message or two, you’ll need to set aside some time to enjoy a phone call with them – or put a little more effort into writing them a decent email at least. Without a mobile jangling by your side, you’re also sure to find it’s easier to finish a book, watch a movie all the way through or even sit at a cafe window to watch the world walk past.

Of course, one of the other excellent benefits to not owning a mobile phone is the amount of money you will save. Without a monthly contract tying you to a mobile phone provider and no longer required to answer people’s inane text messages, you’ll soon find it’s a cinch to cut your monthly expenditures – especially if you make your essential calls with the help of companies and programs offering cheap calls online.

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