Is The iPad Just Another Touch Screen Notebook?

Earlier this year Apple computers announced that they would be releasing a new touch screen notebook computer called the ipad.  Actually the iPad falls into the new category called “slate computers”.  A slate computer is different than a touch screen laptop or a tablet computer in that there is no keyboard and very few buttons to interact with the computer.

The device is designed to be 100% touch screen controlled.  There was a lot of hype surrounding the announcement of the iPad and many people were quick to chime in on what they thought of the new product.  Most of these people had never even laid hands on it and we’re already telling the world whether or not they thought it was going to be any good.  A few select people got the chance to try out the iPad and most of them who did were very pleased with the way it functioned.

The iPad is different than a touch screen computer in that you completely interact with it via touch.  There is now keyboard. It is the first computer in its class to have users 100% relying on the touch screen to interface with the computer.  Many people didn’t think that it would take off like it did but in the first 30 days of the iPad being on the market, over two million units had sold.  At no point in time had an electronic device ever sold so many units so quickly.

The number of units sold is surprising because the price tag was not cheap.  The base model that has 16 GB of storage sold four right around $500.  The most expensive iPad is the 64 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G capability.  This unit sells for about $899.  With the price tags set so high on these new slate computers, it really is quite surprising that so many units have already sold.  In the computer market, price point has been an important consideration for many computer buyers and consequently computer manufacturers have been producing computers at rock bottom prices.

The fact that consumers are willing to spend top dollar for this new device proves that people really are embracing touch screen technology on their computing devices.

Buying Inexpensive Cell Phones

Getting yourself a good but inexpensive cell phone shouldn’t be a problem with a little resourcefulness on your part. Get them cheap from people who need money fast. In order to do this, you should spread the word around in your neighborhood that you are looking to buy a good second-hand cell phone. Of course, it would be a definite advantage in this case for you to have some savvy concerning these gadgets. Before purchasing the item, you should test it carefully for damages in the components of the circuitry.

Get them affordably by looking for older models in cell phone stores or on the internet. As soon as the newer makes come out of the factory, previous models tend to go down appreciably in price. The newer ones won’t be that much better than preceding models, but the price difference is usually big. You might even be able to catch some 3G deals.

Look for cell phones being sold in social networking websites. Since these vendors are not really businessmen, you might be able to haggle a good price for the items from them. The only thing is, you will have to examine phones that you buy from private vendors for defects before buying. If possible, ask for some kind of warranty from the person selling it.

Forums and blogs about cell phones are also excellent fishing grounds for the cheapest mobile phones. You will have to exercise more care in this places, though, as you won’t usually know the persons selling that well, unlike in social networking sites.

You can even get non-sim cell phones for free. You will only need to pay the supplying company for the line. Type ‘free cell phones’ in any search engine and you can see the websites that have these types of offers.

By far the best way to buy inexpensive cell phones is to study how to assemble them. Take up a crash course as a cell phone technician. In a matter of a few weeks, you can be putting together your own mobile unit. You only need to buy the parts required and won’t have to dish out anything for the labor and miscellaneous costs that are imposed by regular vendors on their wares. You could also earn a few cents on the side fixing up other people’s mobile units.

Net 10 Wireless Phone

Time are hard enough as it is without having to be forced to pay expensive fees, signing up for multi year cell phone contracts, and having to purchase extremely expensive phones. This is particularly the case for those of you who are in a cell phones bad credit situation and are simply looking to get an affordable loan and service plan, and one of the best choices that you can go with is a net 10 wireless phone plan. The great thing about these particular phones is that they always have a flat rate no matter how many minutes you’re using under your plan or what phone model that you  may have, and that rate is $.10 per minute.

You can refill your minutes both through the phone itself and for retail locations in stores. If you prefer to refill your phone’s minutes through the more traditional retail location method, you can buy minute packages at $30, $60, or $100. Net 10 phones also have Internet exclusive minute cards that go even higher in the $200-$400 range. If you prefer to go with some sort of automated service, you can opt to go with some kind of monthly prepaid net 10 phone package which are is offered in the 150 minute, 250 minute, or 400 minute packages. If you decide to go this route, the net 10 phone company will charge your credit card every 30 days. They also offer other services like unlimited voice, text, Web browsing, and 411 access for the cost of $50 per month.

Regardless of which particular option you may choose to go with, make sure you do plenty of research ahead of time so you can see which particular model phone is appropriate for you. It can’t hurt to check out reviews either and do plenty of comparison shopping on the internet, as these are name brand cell phones that are made by a variety of different manufacturers.

The HTC Magic

These days, smartphones are all the rage. Consumers no longer want cellular phones that just place calls. People want to be able to text, send and receive pictures, check email, download music, surf the internet, use Microsoft Office, and more. The cellular phone companies have developed more hi-tech phones to meet our needs, such as personal digital assistants or PDA’s. The HTC Magic is a PDA smartphone that is like having a handheld computer.

The HTC Magic provides quick, reliable service. It also has many desirable features, which places this phone above the others on the market.

Smartphones are taking over the cellular phone market and this one is revolutionary. The HTC Magic offers you fast and reliable cellular phone service. No matter how many features you want with your phone, having good service is still the most important. The phone offers 3.5 G network with wi-fi technology that makes smooth transitions between networks. The calls come in very clear and are rarely dropped.

The HTC Magic has many features along with it that make it a desirable phone as well as lots of accessories like a htc magic case. This touch-screen phone has HVGA resolution with 320×480 pixels. The phone also comes with Google apps, which include GPS and internet. You can also access other application downloads. Microsoft Word and Excel, Quick Office, and PDF Viewer come standard with it as well. The HTC Magic also includes ActiveSync by Microsoft Exchange and has email that allows you to synchronize your calendar and contacts. The 3.2 mega pixel camera takes excellent pictures, and you can upgrade the memory on this phone at any time.

Nowadays, as smartphones are becoming more popular many features are being added to make cellular phones more like handheld computers. The HTC magic is no exception. This phone offers excellent phone service while providing top of the line features for people who are looking for a phone and htc magic accessories that can do it all.

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