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A Review of Reverse Phone Detective Service

The Reverse Mobile Phone Detective service does not use the same outdated data bases that many other similar websites use today. They have their own data base directories and the numbers are kept up to date. They offer a 100% guarantee because they know that they are the best, if you do not approve of the results you can claim a refund. They can also find unlisted numbers and many other hard to find listings. Give them a try now…

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One use for the services is if you suspect your spouse of cheating on you, you can trace their calls back to the origin. If there are numbers on their phone that you do not recognize or numbers on the phone bill you cannot identify; you can look them up using the Phone Detective and get the answers that you need. Hopefully the numbers are legitimate and not someone you would disapprove of.

When you set up an account you can search an unlimited number of cell phone numbers daily. You cannot search for cell phone numbers on the internet normally because maintaining an accurate database is time consuming and expensive, therefore you cannot trust free online services. The Reverse Phone Detective service does maintain its data base consistently, making searching for these hard-to-find numbers possible.

Reverse Phone Number

Reverse Phone Number

When someone calls your cell phone and you do not recognize the number, you may want to check who the number belongs to before you call back. You can do this with a Reverse Phone Number service like Reverse Phone Detective. You can get the name of the person who called and you can get their address. This is a great tool if you are job hunting. This means that you can really be prepared before you call back. You will not need to be worried about being caught off guard.

Phone Number Lookup

This service is also an asset if you are receiving prank calls. You can find out who is calling you with a Phone Number Lookup and report it to the authorities. You will not need to just sit back and put up with the harassment. The first step of the search is to put the three digit area code and the seven digit number into the Reverse Phone Detective system. They can even find difficult to locate numbers.

Tracking Cell Phones

Tracking Cell Phones When You Need to Know

When you need to know who is calling your family and a regular internet search is not getting you any results for tracking cell phones, you can turn to the Reverse Phone Detective service online. They can find hard to reach numbers such as unlisted land lines and cell phone numbers.

With a membership to the Phone Detective you can look up as many numbers as you want and you will always know the name and address of the people calling you immediately. This is a great way to know who your children are talking to or if you suspect your spouse is up to no good. The information is invaluable in keeping your family safe and intact.

Reverse Phone Detective has the most up to date data base of cell phone numbers. You cannot find these numbers by doing a regular internet search as their phone lists are limited. You can get the numbers through this service simply by putting the numbers into the system and then receiving your results right away. This service comes with a 100% guarantee because Reverse Phone Detective knows that they are the best. Get your fees returned if the results are not accurate and complete.

Tracking Cell Phones
Tracking Cell Phones

Oregon Drives No Longer Allowed to Drive and Hold Cell Phones


Oregon Drives No Longer Allowed to Drive and Hold Cell Phones

The Oregon legislature took a step closer to banning the use of handheld cell phones by drivers in Oregon today according to Six other states on the West Coast have also outlawed handheld cell phones while driving due to accident rates from talking and/or texting from behind the wheel. The Oregon House passed their version of the bill at the end of April with the Senate adding in an exception for emergency workers today. The bill narrowly passed 16-13.

Angela Tucker

The bill was inspired by Angela Tucker who died in 2007 when a driver hit her car while talking on their cell phone. Fines will be $90 if a driver is found in violation of the law once it is passed. Hands Free device users will be allowed to use their phones while driving.

Jitterbug Cell Phones Pulled


Jitterbug Cell Phones Pulled

The popular Jitterbug cell phones for senior users have been pulled by Samsung due to a software glitch. Users have been unable to reach emergency services (911) with their Jitterbug cell phones when driving through or visiting no-service areas. 160,000 cell phones have been pulled for upgrades which includes a number of models: SPH-a110 and the SPH-a120.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Samsung is contacting consumers to schedule the software upgrades for the specified models. Consumers can also contact the company at 866-304-4980. Jitterbug was co-developed by Samsung and GreatCall and is sold in retail outlets including electronic stores and drug stores.

How to Lookup or Reverse a Cell phone Number

How to Lookup or Reverse a Cell phone Number

When you receive a cell phone call and you do not recognize the caller’s number, reverse cell phone lookup services like provide the all information you need about the owner of the phone number.

The Protection You Need provides an easy to use service to lookup the owner of both cell phone numbers and land line phone numbers. Maybe you suspect your spouse to be seeing someone and want to find out who. Maybe one of your children is sneaking out with someone you disapprove of. This reverse phone service will give you the name and address of almost all callers to your phone. You won’t need to guess anymore, you’ll know who is calling you and your family.

How The Service Works

Cell Phones are not published numbers and therefore are treated privately. But has the best cell phone directory in the industry. And unlisted land line numbers can be hard to trace. With this phone service you’ll also be able to find the names and addresses of unlisted land line numbers in addition to cell phone numbers. Just enter the area code and seven digit phone number and returns the information you desire.