Dad Hammers Cell Phone after Text Messaging Bill Arrives

Dad Hammers Cell Phone after Text Messaging Bill Arrives

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone
Texting on a qwerty keypad phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to reports, the father of a teen in Wyoming got angry when his daughter ran up an incredible bill with text messages. The bill was for $4,750 for Dena Christoffersen and her father who received 20,000 text messages during one month. The dad thought text messaging had been disabled for a plan that did not cover the service. The dad decided to get rid of the cell phone by smashing it with a hammer.

The daughter is now grounded for the remainder of the year although the mystery remains, how did she get away with texting 20,000 messages without anyone in the home noticing. According to newspaper reports she feels bad about all the money she wasted texting about her new clothes, what she was watching on television, what she thought about some boy at school. But if there’s a thought, it must be texted. So she’s most upset about having her father find out.

National Cell Phone Recycling Week

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National Cell Phone Recycling Week

Acording to the Star News, Verizon Wireless is taking part in the national Cell Phone Recycling Week this week (April 6-12) by asking individuals to donate no-longer used cell phones, accessories and batteries to a program called HopeLine through their retail outlets. The items can be from any long distance service and not just from Verizon. HopeLine is a charitable organization that strives to make a difference for the community by specifically curbing domestic violence.

Environment and Community

Proceeds from the recycled items will be used for domestic violence shelters and for nonprofit organizations focused on domestic violence. Through programs like HopeLine, landfills see less battery waste and electronic waste thus also making a difference for the environment. If there is not a Verizon Wireless store near you, phones can also be donated through the mail. Take a look at

Cell Phone Keypads Disappearing

Cell Phone Keypads Disappearing

At a recent CTIA Wireless trade show and at trade shows across America, more and more new cell phone models are replacing the numeric keypad for a full keyword. This is a welcome sign for those that like to text and like to use a full type-writer style keyboard when texting. Another popular input device is the touch screen made popular by the Apple iPhone. The industry is adapting to the large volume of text messages being sent which increased three times to 1 trillion in 2008 compared to 2007. During this same period of time the number of calls made only increased by 5%.

Apple Numeric Keypad IIe
Apple Numeric Keypad IIe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Users

Two manufacturers are coming out with new designs that do feature the numeric keypad, Nokia and Sony Ericson. From reports by international users, only North American consumers favor the full type-writer keyboard while other countries have adapted to the numeric keypad for their texting. Since Nokia and Sony Ericson are more popular abroad and have smaller market share in America, it makes sense for them to continue developing these types of devices.

  • Statistics Show Adults Texting And Driving More Than Teens

Cell Phones for Free A Possibility

Cell Phones for Free A Possibility

According to report on, email services and free cell phone use are two trends that will be major game changers in the cellular world. Pelephone, a mobile content company, is looking for email to be in high demand from all cell phone users in the coming years. Such content applications as email and online browsing will be available on all cellular phones according to Guy Bauman, vice president at Pelephone.

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...
English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Cell Service

The CEO of Mobi, Guy Ami-Ad, believes free cell phones will be the next great innovation to change the industry. By adding advertisements to your cellular phone while you use it to talk, text, or browse, free service will be the norm. Like current online services that offer free content and then add additional pay services, cell phones will follow a similar model.

Free GPS on all Cell Phones

Another new service that many feel will be available on all cell phones shortly is Global Position Systems. With GPS, mobile users will able to get directions and assistance in finding all kinds of businesses based on one’s current position. By selling ads to companies that want priority placement in GPS search information, cellular companies can give away the service while making money through the advertisements.

Find the Owner of a Phone Call You Just Got

Find the Owner of a Phone Call You Just Got

When you get a prank phone call at your home or on your cell phone and need to know who called or someone called and all you have is their number, Reverse Phone Detective can tell you the name and the address of the person that called. The first step is to search for the number by area code and seven digit number. Find the Caller by doing this online search and you will know their address, carrier, and name. Finding the Owner of a Phone Call has never been easier.

English: cell phone
English: cell phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not All Phone Number Lookups Alike

Sometimes the owner of a number is easy to find but sometimes it’s not so easy as the number is unlisted or the call is coming from a cell phone. Often a cell phone number is not readily available in a lookup directory or the number is unlisted and therefore most search services fail to get you the information you need. But with Reverse Phone Detective, you are able to find the name of address for both of these difficult to find callers. Getting a Phone Call Location is quick and relatively inexpensive in comparison to the hours of research you would have to perform.

A Unique More Accurate Phone Directory

Reverse Phone Detective has their own unique phone directory database of accurate and up-to-date phone numbers and cell phone numbers straight from the phone carriers. You aren’t searching the same outdated directory database that most other services are using. And there’s a 100% guarantee because they know their search is the best available online today. so you have been wondering How to identify an unknown caller? Click here to visit Reverse Phone Detective now!

Montreal Drivers Use Cell Phones to Pay Parking

Parking Meters
Parking Meters (Photo credit: jeffk)

Montreal Drivers Use Cell Phones to Pay Parking

The Montreal Gazette reports that authorities in the city are considering a system where parking can be paid for using a cell phone. Already used in other cities in Canada, pay-by-phone has become very popular with the residents and tourists alike. Without a large set of coins to pay expensive meters in downtown areas across the country, paying by cell phone adds a great convenience for all parkers.

Text Alerts before Expiration

One of the really nice features is the ability to get text alerts prior to your meter running out. Motorists are able to return to their cars or add more money through their cellphones before the expiration. And if you leave the parking spot before your time has expired, you can close the transaction and get a refund for the timing remaining.