Is The iPad Just Another Touch Screen Notebook?

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Earlier this year Apple computers announced that they would be releasing a new touch screen notebook computer called the ipad.  Actually the iPad falls into the new category called “slate computers”.  A slate computer is different than a touch screen laptop or a tablet computer in that there is no keyboard and very few buttons to interact with the computer.

The device is designed to be 100% touch screen controlled.  There was a lot of hype surrounding the announcement of the iPad and many people were quick to chime in on what they thought of the new product.  Most of these people had never even laid hands on it and we’re already telling the world whether or not they thought it was going to be any good.  A few select people got the chance to try out the iPad and most of them who did were very pleased with the way it functioned.

The iPad is different than a touch screen computer in that you completely interact with it via touch.  There is now keyboard. It is the first computer in its class to have users 100% relying on the touch screen to interface with the computer.  Many people didn’t think that it would take off like it did but in the first 30 days of the iPad being on the market, over two million units had sold.  At no point in time had an electronic device ever sold so many units so quickly.

The number of units sold is surprising because the price tag was not cheap.  The base model that has 16 GB of storage sold four right around $500.  The most expensive iPad is the 64 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G capability.  This unit sells for about $899.  With the price tags set so high on these new slate computers, it really is quite surprising that so many units have already sold.  In the computer market, price point has been an important consideration for many computer buyers and consequently computer manufacturers have been producing computers at rock bottom prices.

The fact that consumers are willing to spend top dollar for this new device proves that people really are embracing touch screen technology on their computing devices.

Cell Phone Lookup

There are many reasons that you may want to use a Cell Phone Lookup service like Phone Detective to find the owner of a cell phone number on your phone or the cell phone of a loved one.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Are you worried about who your teenage daughter or son may be talking to on their cell phone? Some individuals are also concerned about furtive behavior of their significant other when making or answering certain cell phone calls. Especially for children, monitoring their computer usage is important to avoid online predators. But if a predator has gotten your child’s cell phone number, or your partner’s behavior is driving you wild with worry and curiosity, the solution is simple. When the phone is left unattended, simply look at its calls received/made histories and quickly note the unfamiliar numbers. If you are connected to a cellular service, your monthly bill will show all numbers called with the phone, also. You then simply enter the phone number you consider suspicious into a cell phone number reverse directory and get your answer.

Cell Phone Lookup
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Cell Phone Lookup

It is as simple as typing the telephone number into the website’s search box. The directory can let you know if they have a record of the number. They can give you an advance description of the available information on the number such as its location and user names, if part of their data base.

If the information looks like it is worth the investment you can then agree to pay for it. You can either pay a one-time fee for one search (about the price of two Subway-sub meals) or for an additional charge you can sign up for unlimited searches–a better deal if you have lots of numbers to check.

The information that sites will attempt to provide, depending on how complete their information source was, would normally include:

–cell phone number owner
–address for billing purposes
–a map of the address
–the wireless service provider
–additional phone numbers this cell phone owner may have
–identity of persons who may be related or who live in the same neighborhood
–address history

One important cautionary note: do not deal with an online cellular telephone-number search service that wants to charge money without telling what information the money will buy. Particularly avoid any that want you to provide them with your personal information before even telling you what information they have available–they may be adding you to their data base or trying to obtain information for illicit purposes. A reputable site will have a refund policy if the information received turns out to be incorrect or outdated.

Any site that offers to provide information free cannot be legitimate. There are plenty of sites that claim to be able to provide service without charge but that is highly unlikely–they would not only be providing you the service for free, they would be spending money to get the information from the cell phone company. Cellular phone numbers are not a matter of public information. The cellular phone providers do not have to give out their phone numbers to anyone so they charge for the time it requires to provide that information. A reputable reverse directory website must include this cost to them in the charge to you.

To locate a reputable cell phone lookup website, just search for Reverse Cell Phone Lookup using your computer and this source will provide a legitimate report for a reasonable price.

Phone Records: An Easy Look Up Guide

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

There are several personal reasons why you want to find information on the owner of a certain phone number. You may have found a phone number in a post-it paper scattered on your desk and you became curious who might have owned it and why you have it on your possession. This could also be a number you found in your spouse’s cell phone and you became curious who your spouse has been calling. Or worst, it could be that prankster who annoys you in the middle of the night, making nonsense calls.

The first thing that you should try to find out who this people are is to reverse lookup a phone number. This is perhaps the easiest way to acquire phone records. The downfall is, it is only easy if the number you are searching is that of a landline. On contrary, if the number you have in hand is a cell phone number, it would not be that easy because of the privacy issues. There are no free online databases which contains cell phone number, unlike with the land line numbers wherein you could easily find them on publicly online phone books.

Another annoying thing that could ever happen to you is when telemarketers find your cell phone numbers and call you all day long, making promotional talks about their nonsense junks. How would you feel? For sure, this won’t make you any happier. This is exactly one of the reasons why cell phone numbers are not included in the public databases. It protects you and provides you with the privacy you deserve.

However, cell phone numbers can be reversely looked up. Although they are not included in the public databases, these numbers are contained in the private databases of cellular companies. In conclusion, these private companies have a list of information that you have specified when you signed a contract with them. It was known that there are other corporations who purchase these databases from different phone companies. The bright side is, for privacy reasons, they do not provide free access to this database. That is why a fee is required for you to be able to get this data. This is an assurance that reverse phone record results are not to be used for illegal purposes.

Reverse Cell Phone Trace

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Reverse Cell Phone Trace

If you have been searching for the owner of a cell phone number using the old methods like white pages, phone directories, etc, you probably have had no luck. Cell Phone numbers are not publicly available like landline phone numbers used to be. But the cell phone companies have made their directories available to certain companies for a fee to provide lookup and trace phone number services. These companies are classified as reverse cell phone lookup services.

Also in this larger unknown phone number listing are land lines where the owner has asked to be unlisted. But again, reverse phone directories have spent years developing their databases of phone numbers, owners, addresses, and owner relatives to provide the best information to you that they can get about a cell phone owner. You may have found several free services that did not return the results you were looking for, now is the time to quickly and accurately find the owner of a cell phone number that has called your phone with one of these new and revolutionary online searches.

By entering the 10 digit cell phone number into a search box, the reverse cell phone trace service will provide you with the basic information for you to verify. Then you are able to obtain complete details about the owner by paying a small one-time fee. Yearly plans are also available to make it convenient for frequent searches and businesses that need reverse services for prospecting and sales.

These services are great to have access to and you can obtain the information you need without any kind of verification of yourself. If someone is prank calling you, your spouse is receiving odd calls, or your children are chatting long hours with unknown callers, these services will give you peace of mind and the ability to assist your family when they are in need.

Obtaining Personal Information about a Phone Number

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Obtaining Personal Information about a Phone Number

Obtaining personal information about a phone number is a pretty much a no-brainer with Reverse Phone Lookups available online today. These services find pleasure in being able to provide for you the details you need about anyone, when you are looking for information. Do a free search and like the old television commercials, ‘let you fingers do the walking’. With this free phone directory lookup you can find all kinds of data you’re looking for in a couple of seconds about someone that just called your cell phone or your landline.

Locating a phone owner has never been as easy and affordable because the initial search is free. Many mobile users today have an option on their device to save the numbers of friends and family for calling them back quickly at a late time. When you find a number in your recently called list or recently received list, using an online reverse phone lookup service, can help you to properly save the numbers with the contact information desired.

One of the great pieces of information that you can obtain from an online reverse phone directory is the address of your friends and business acquaintances. Say you meet someone and have a great conversation but you did not have the time to obtain all their contact information and only got their cell phone number. But it was business related or a dating prospect and you want to send them a small gift. Obtaining their address can give you an upper hand landing a sale or getting a date.

Need Information?

past records of inmates photo
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We all at some point in our lives face a situation when we feel the need to find the past records of an individual. Suppose you have several employees, or some tenants, or you just want some information about your neighbor.  There are varied reasons for finding the antecedents of a particular person.  You may feel it essentials to know the background of a person to ascertain his or her financial conditions, to check his or her criminal and civil records, if any, and also to find out whether the person is married or not.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Now finding such information is easier than it has ever been.  You can find out important information about a particular individual through several avenues, no matter how little you know about the person.  In reality, you can even get some very personal information regarding the person in question. In order to get more accurate information, you need to the name of the person, his or her Social Security Number (SSN), home address, his or her date of birth, in that order or even some additional information as well.  But it is difficult to get so many personal details of an individual particularly his or her Social Security Number.

Now there is no more need to have access to such personal details.  Just a little information and you can get all sorts of details about a person. Now think, when you meet someone for the first time, he or she may give you only his or her first name and cell phone number.    Do you think that much information would be helpful when searching for a complete record for that person? You can visit and simply enter a cell phone number, the complete records of the person who owns that cell phone number will be available to you.  You can get their home address, phone number, full name, and criminal records, if any;  all of this information is instantly made available to you.

Let’s think of another situation; you have been chatting online with someone seeking his services for some freelancing work for you.  Now, as I’m sure you realize, it is always wise to find out they type of person you are hiring.  However the only information you have on this person is their email address.  Can it be helpful to you?  Yes, go to the same website and enter the e-mail address, you will have access to all the same information.  You can find information about the person’s previous employment history which will make it easier for you to make a decision about their candidacy.

Regardless how much information you have about the person whose records you want to check, the website will make them available to you instantly.  With very little information, you can access their complete records.  So, when you will need details about any person, this website will serve as a valuable resource for you.  You just need to log on to the website and enter whatever information you have; the files related to that person will appear in front of you on your computer screen.  Then, you can pick the information which you feel is relevant to you. So, it has become unbelievably simple to find information on any one.

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