Cell Phones for Free A Possibility

Cell Phones for Free A Possibility

According to report on Haaaretz.com, email services and free cell phone use are two trends that will be major game changers in the cellular world. Pelephone, a mobile content company, is looking for email to be in high demand from all cell phone users in the coming years. Such content applications as email and online browsing will be available on all cellular phones according to Guy Bauman, vice president at Pelephone.

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...
English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Cell Service

The CEO of Mobi, Guy Ami-Ad, believes free cell phones will be the next great innovation to change the industry. By adding advertisements to your cellular phone while you use it to talk, text, or browse, free service will be the norm. Like current online services that offer free content and then add additional pay services, cell phones will follow a similar model.

Free GPS on all Cell Phones

Another new service that many feel will be available on all cell phones shortly is Global Position Systems. With GPS, mobile users will able to get directions and assistance in finding all kinds of businesses based on one’s current position. By selling ads to companies that want priority placement in GPS search information, cellular companies can give away the service while making money through the advertisements.