Eco Soldiers Green your Mobile and Broadband Life

Green your mobile

With the increase in mobile phone use and possession throughout the world, it is essential that phone services and the phones themselves become more environmentally friendly so as to minimize our “carbon footprint”. It’s time to Green your Mobile.

There are numerous ways to make mobile phones more green and even the smallest things can make an enormous difference to the environment if enough people develop these beneficial practices.

Green your Mobile
Green your Mobile

Recycle Your Phone

This is a highly effective practice and can both save money as well as help the environment. An old phone can be sold on eBay for a significant amount of money or can be given away. In order to determine the amount that the phone is worth, websites such as Envirophone are available. This site allows you to enter the model of your mobile phone so that you can determine its worth.

Additionally, if you are experiencing a difficulty with the SIM card in the phone or you are required to change your number, you can keep the old phone and simply buy a new card. This limits the raw materials which are required and, therefore, is a highly environmentally responsible practice and also saves significant amounts of money.

Monitor Energy Consumption

You can monitor the amount of energy that you are using through a website known as Electricity Monitor. Certain mobile phones consume more energy than others so attempt to choose one that uses a smaller amount. Changing the settings on the phone may also serve to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed by the phone.

Environmentally Friendly Applications

Green apps include those which provide you with information as to what products are greener than others. For example, if you are searching for a specific product, applications exist which provide the user with the ability to compare the amount of energy that each product uses so that energy can be conserved. There are also smart-phone applications that prevent you from overcharging the mobile phone, which limits the amount of energy that is used and helps the user to become more environmentally conscious.

Analyze Various Suppliers

Make sure to research each of the various providers of mobile phone service which are accessible in your area. Determine which of the providers is more environmentally conscious. In order to encourage additional companies to become “greener”, purchase a plan from a “green” company. This will hint to other companies that they should do the same. Although “green” plans are typically slightly more expensive, it is certainly worth the extra cost to protect the environment and you will be secure in the knowledge that you are helping the globe to be cleaner and healthier.

“Greener” Broadband Service

Searching for green or Eco broadband ISP’s you can find providers that are much more ecologically aware they will use sustainable energy sources to power the severs and there offices such as solar panels and will often have Eco schemes set up to offset any damage to the environment such as tree planting. Mobile broadband is an alternative to power hungry infrastructure so should be looked at if your consumption isn’t as demanding as requiring fixed line broadband, now mobile broadband is fast now and a viable alternative, mobile broadband by its nature means you can work remotely so can often save fuel costs in traveling to the office.

Green Charity donations

Do your research so that you find a service that donates a percentage of their profits to charitable institutions. These services can be found at Businesses which are “greener” will donate some of their proceeds to environmental organizations as well as find a way to reduce their usage of energy so as to reduce their “carbon footprint”. Many of these environmentally conscious company’s mobile phone packages come with the guarantee that a part of their profits will go towards environmental charities. Some of these businesses will also provide their customers with information regarding how to benefit the environment as well as provide them with local recycling programs, charity organizations, and awards which they have won for their environmental consciousness.