National Cell Phone Recycling Week

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National Cell Phone Recycling Week

Acording to the Star News, Verizon Wireless is taking part in the national Cell Phone Recycling Week this week (April 6-12) by asking individuals to donate no-longer used cell phones, accessories and batteries to a program called HopeLine through their retail outlets. The items can be from any long distance service and not just from Verizon. HopeLine is a charitable organization that strives to make a difference for the community by specifically curbing domestic violence.

Environment and Community

Proceeds from the recycled items will be used for domestic violence shelters and for nonprofit organizations focused on domestic violence. Through programs like HopeLine, landfills see less battery waste and electronic waste thus also making a difference for the environment. If there is not a Verizon Wireless store near you, phones can also be donated through the mail. Take a look at

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