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Cell Phones and Driving

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Saving Money On Cell Phone Bills

How To Cut Cell Phone Charges

Knowing how to cut cell phone charges may help you to get a better value for your dollar when it comes to the amount of money you spend to keep your phone working. Many people make the mistake of paying too much for their phones simply because they do not know how many minutes they are using during the month. Instead of paying for an excessive amount of minutes, look through six of your most recent bills. When you have an average number of minutes, this would provide you with an idea of what … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

End Unwanted Calls Forever

Paying for reverse cell phones services would offer you a simple way to find out exactly who is calling your phone. If you have ever had a missed call, you know how stressful this can be. However, you may wish to find out exactly who is calling you prior to returning the call.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

When you have a need to discover the answer to this question, reversecellphone.com would be the best place to turn. It is possible to find out the name and address of the caller, this would give you the ability to call back whenever you decide to do … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Why You Should Use Reverse Cell Number Lookup Services

Reverse Cell Number Lookup

The main reason that people use a reverse cell number lookup service is to identify an unknown number. There is the possibility of simply phoning the number asking who the caller is. However, risks involved include being mistaken for another person, or inadvertently reaching a caller that you are trying to avoid.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Reverse cell lookups provide you with a service that allows you to look up an unknown number that has called your cellphone. While this service is not anything new, it is helpful since more people use their cellphones, as opposed to landlines. It is … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Make Some Money By Selling Your Used Cell Phones

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Make Some Money By Selling Your Used Cell Phones

Often people have a number of old cell phones around the house after getting a new device offered by their service plan, especially if you are a Verizon subscriber on a two year program. These older cell phones become chew toys for their dogs, fake phones for their toddlers or un-degradable waste in their garbage. But reselling or recycling the devices is a great way to earn a little income and help the environment.

A conscious member of a family can collect cell phones from brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. Once … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Oregon Drives No Longer Allowed to Drive and Hold Cell Phones


Oregon Drives No Longer Allowed to Drive and Hold Cell Phones

The Oregon legislature took a step closer to banning the use of handheld cell phones by drivers in Oregon today according to OregonLive.com. Six other states on the West Coast have also outlawed handheld cell phones while driving due to accident rates from talking and/or texting from behind the wheel. The Oregon House passed their version of the bill at the end of April with the Senate adding in an exception for emergency workers today. The bill narrowly passed 16-13.

Angela Tucker

The bill was inspired by Angela Tucker … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Jitterbug Cell Phones Pulled


Jitterbug Cell Phones Pulled

The popular Jitterbug cell phones for senior users have been pulled by Samsung due to a software glitch. Users have been unable to reach emergency services (911) with their Jitterbug cell phones when driving through or visiting no-service areas. 160,000 cell phones have been pulled for upgrades which includes a number of models: SPH-a110 and the SPH-a120.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Samsung is contacting consumers to schedule the software upgrades for the specified models. Consumers can also contact the company at 866-304-4980. Jitterbug was co-developed by Samsung and GreatCall and is sold in … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones