Make Some Money By Selling Your Used Cell Phones

Make Some Money By Selling Your Used Cell Phones

Often people have a number of old cell phones around the house after getting a new device offered by their service plan, especially if you are a Verizon subscriber on a two year program. These older cell phones become chew toys for their dogs, fake phones for their toddlers or un-degradable waste in their garbage. But reselling or recycling the devices is a great way to earn a little income and help the environment.

A conscious member of a family can collect cell phones from brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. Once the devices are in hand, erasing all vital information from the phone is important. Selling the better devices on Craigslist or eBay is the first step in recouping some of the money invested years ago. Check the serial numbers to make sure the price you ask is appropriate. Sell components separately if the battery or the charger is compatible with newer phones.

Another option for the phones that will not sell online is to find donation services online that pay for older phones, minus the shipping and handling. With the final option being a local charity that has a drop spot that will take the phones. Churches and non profit organizations have become cell phone donation centers across the country.

Once you complete your first set of cell phones, expand your circle to include friends and other relatives. When you complete the process a third time you’ll be ready to return to the first group that has now received another new phone.

Cellphone Storage Extra Income for Some Near Riker’s Island

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Cellphone Storage Extra Income for Some Near Riker’s Island

In a recent story by the New York Times, entrepreneurs with small business near Riker’s Island and others are making extra cash by providing cell phone storage for tourists visiting the jail. With a complete ban of electronic equipment at the jail and a limited number of lockers available to store valuables outside the prison, some creative vendors and small business owners are providing storage for a small fee.

Mr Phone Man

Funny No Cell Phone Sign (Photo credits:

A doughnut shop owner is Queens is holding valuables for tourists for a price. Also a newsstand owner in Lower Manhattan is providing a place for tourist to keep cell phones, cameras, beepers and other equipment until they have completed the tour of the island. And then there’s Robert Williams who is known as Bobby the Phone Man. Sitting next to the full lockers with a megaphone, brown sacks, and markers, he’ll keep your phone and other devices for $3. On a normal day he holds bags for 20 different tourists.

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