Tips for Small Business Owners, From Successful Entrepreneurs

Tips for Small Business Owners, From Successful Entrepreneurs

Why You Should Follow-Up

All successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch and built solid businesses are aware that the best way to build a customer base is to acquire mastery of the art of follow up. Phone calls, direct mail, letters, simple notes and emails allow you to make customers (and even prospects) feel special. If you make your clients feel important, you will have an edge in business. However, knowing the proper way and timing for follow up is is important to succeed in business.

This week, the small business consultants at (one of the most trusted phone search companies online) reveal a few tips from some of America’s most successful firms:

“Use your caller ID feature- ‘it’s added as an extra to your monthly bill, why not use it to the fullest?" –Darien, Los Angeles, Ca

This is true. Most people use the caller ID simply to find out who is calling before they pick up the phone receiver. On the other hand, you can use it as an effective way to build your client and prospect database. For example, each time people call to inquire some of your products or services, simply plug their number to a reverse phone search website (like PhoneDetective.Com). You can do this to get their name and address, so that you can send them more information regarding your offers.

“Make your customers feel special. They will remember you for it” –Leila, New York, NY

This is a wonderful tip, especially if you are running a service type of business. For example, a wedding planner on the West Coast records the dates of her client’s marriages. A few weeks or months after each marriage, she runs a reverse phone search program to find that new couple’s address and mails them a photo from their wedding day, with a greeting card attached to it. That kind of thoughtfulness and special attention secures long term business relationships with clients and generates an endless stream of referrals.

“Most importantly, learn to be flexible” –John, Chicago Ill

This is a golden piece of advice for small business owners. There will be good times and bad times in any business. Learn to endure and bounce back from the hard days and you’ll do perfectly well if you don’t quit.