The Power of Corporate Video

Video is everywhere these days. It is on television, on computers, on cell-phones, on closed-circuit store monitors, and at airports. Video is as common as print advertising, but it is more powerful. Video has its roots in the movie theater, and its ability is to draw in the viewer. Ads influence and entertain, but they don’t make the viewer a central part of the message. Video can be used in a variety of different ways inside a corporation. Let’s look at a few which highlight its diverse functions and uses.

Corporate videos are typically designed for internal consumption. They are not advertisements, so to speak, except that they advertise the company to itself–to its employees. This concept is a bit foreign at first, but it is crucial: ultimately, a company is only as successful as its employees. The more that employees feel connected to a company, the better their work may be.

Further to this, corporations have to give employees a sense of their mission and their brand in the same way that consumers must be addressed. Employees are just people, and they face the same barrage of information to prioritize and select from. Promotional videos can help employees to see a company as the company wants to be seen, and to promote a vision of the company which will make it successful.

Corporate video is also a tool for entertainment. In addition to slick productions, internal videos can tell jokes and give insights into a corporation’s habits, rules, and culture that will be well received because it discusses a world that is known only to the employees.

Lastly, company video can be plainly instructional.  Video is a cost-efficient training tool to walk employees through introductions, new products, changes in policy, specific issues, and special events. A letter is one way to do this. Large group lectures are another. Small group classes are ideal, but they require a heavy investment. Video can take the best instruction and spread it cheaply throughout an entire organization. It can even be combined with on-site moderators to help enhance the learning process through discussion.

Video is a powerful medium, whether in the theater, on the television, or inside an office building. Corporations can use promotional videos to bring their brand to life, to instruct employees, and to communicate a vision about the company to the individuals who will be on the front lines of its operations. That’s a lot of power, if you use it correctly.

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