Come on, Time to Green Up Your Cell Phone Life

Green Up Your Cell Phone Life

Our modern society has placed an emphasis on giving back. Giving to those less fortunate, giving to charities and, perhaps above all, giving back to our planet. Where do you start? This is a question that often confounds people so much that they never start at all. One of the simplest ways to give back to mother earth is with your cell phone. Over 4.6 billion people worldwide have a cell (or mobile) phone gone are the days of the phonebook its all at our fingertips but most of these people aren’t aware that their phone could be the easiest way to begin their quest in saving the planet.


We all know we should recycle but that doesn’t mean that we do it. Often, recycling isn’t convenient and, if it isn’t easy, we don’t want to do it. Many communities are taking the initiative with free recycling centers, recycling days or even recycling bins for each household. We replace our cell phones at an average of one phone every two years. What do we do with those old phones? Most times they take up room in a junk drawer or get tossed in the bin. People may forget, or never have been aware, that they can recycle those old phones. If you need a new phone, why not give your old one to your child? Kids often want, but don’t need, the newest gadget; your phone will be new to them and won’t take up valuable landfill space.

Monitor Energy Use

To leave as small a carbon footprint as possible, compare the energy use of different mobile phones when deciding on which to purchase. If you can’t bring yourself to buy a phone that uses the smallest amount of energy, either because of its style or features, take a look at the settings in the phone you do choose and try to adjust them to lower its use of energy. You often won’t have to give up functionality to better utilize the phone’s energy.

Green Applications

Different apps can help you reduce your carbon footprint, live greener or even scan products as you’re shopping to see what their environmental impact is. Other apps may help you decide on the greenest vehicles, the greenest appliances and even give you tips on how to reduce your energy consumption inside the home. Finding green apps couldn’t be simpler; log onto your app store and search ‘green’. The choices are virtually limitless.

Green Broadband

When deciding on which provider you will utilize, look for one that donates a portion of their proceeds to different charities or that seek a carbon neutral status. By partnering with a green provider, you are being about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Written by Firespin Jay a Eco and Tech enthusiast from London also enjoys playing with fire (POI) so come say he @FirespinJay and hope to chat soon.

Buying a Home Safely –

Buying a Home Safely –

A home is a huge investment that requires a lot of serious thought. Many individuals choose a contractor and build a new house according to particular dimensions they have selected. Some will utilize a real estate agent to help them find a home specific to their needs and family size. There are often times when residences sit empty with no real reason or explanation. One might locate the perfect place to call home, but not know if anyone lives there or how to get in contact with the owner.

People might give up hope on such a place simply by not knowing pertinent information. Others may contact their local tax assessor’s office to obtain a name and address. This may not always be relevant in locating the owner’s new residence or contact number. You can instantly learn updated information by searching the name of the proprietor on By utilizing this website, one can locate a current address and phone number. Records can also be obtained on bankruptcy reports and legal proceedings. This is helpful when determining if the home has an extensive lien or is tied up within an estate proceeding.

Once you determine the home is clear of any liability that could hinder a purchase, notifying the owner is easy. Question the reason for it being vacant and determine an asking price. Several instances have occurred when a family bought a home only to find out later there was a lien on the title. Hiring an attorney to complete a title search can be costly and if you do not purchase the residence, the money is simply lost. can eliminate the expenditure of insuring the home you want is free of any liabilities.

History on a home is important and individuals want to be comfortable knowing the family or families that have occupied the space before. The owner can discuss any problems or repairs that have been completed. Also, if there are any restorations currently needed. provides the information to accomplish this task. You can gather the information needed while making home buying a more personal experience.

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