Mobile Tax Filing Provides Competitive Advantage

Tax Filing Mobile

TurboTax is number one in the mobile tax filing space, which does not bode well for H&R Block.

The process of doing your own taxes is becoming much easier. Now, you can even do them from your mobile device.

mobile tax filing photo
Photo by DonkeyHotey

If the thought of going mobile to file your taxes frightens you, rest assured that the process is quite simple. With the TurboTax app, it is easy to upload your W2 to your tax return just by snapping a picture.

Evidence shows that use of the mobile tax filing application from TurboTax is on the rise.

Sensor Tower‘s VentureBeat reported that TurboTax was able to make $560,000 in one day in February at the start of tax season. Sensor Tower is a company that provides information regarding mobile app store data.

Over the past three years, the money from this app has grown. In fact, by the deadline in April, the revenue that this app is making could reach into the millions.

Sensor Tower further reported that the revenues for H&R Block are not that much. When asked, the H&R Block representative said that the company does not report revenue data and that the information Sensor Tower was reporting was incorrect. TurboTax remained silent on the data.

Comparing customer satisfaction ratings, TurboTax received high marks across all mobile devices with H&R Block ratings comparatively lower. However, there were more reviews of TurboTax.

Both TurboTax and H&R block provide a free download of a mobile app for filing taxes, but getting into this space first is helping TurboTax gain revenue over the competition.