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The Top 5 Navigation Apps for Smart Phones

The dawn of the smart-phones has brought about not only the phenomena of increasing head injuries as people walk into lamp posts while sending text message to their friends and playing Angry Birds. More interestingly however, the mass adoption of these lifestyle devices has brought about a renegotiation with the physical landscape and the way we interact with our environments. Here are the top 5 Navigation Apps for Smart Phones.

Not only have smart phones effectively made the trusty old Sat Nav obsolete, they’ve left the old timer trudging off into the distanced red-faced and feeling dejected. You … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Cell Phone Keypads Disappearing

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Cell Phone Keypads Disappearing

At a recent CTIA Wireless trade show and at trade shows across America, more and more new cell phone models are replacing the numeric keypad for a full keyword. This is a welcome sign for those that like to text and like to use a full type-writer style keyboard when texting. Another popular input device is the touch screen made popular by the Apple iPhone. The industry is adapting to the large volume of text messages being sent which increased three times to 1 trillion in 2008 compared to … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones