The Telephone and Social Interaction

Telephone Social Interaction

Before the phone was invented, people communicated by letter. While it was possible to send someone with a note or card if you wanted to get a message to an acquaintance or family member within the same town or city and get a reply in return. However, in general if the person you wanted to contact lived some distance away you could have an agonizing wait to find out what they were going to say. Today the telephone and social interaction is completely different.

Telephone Social Interaction
Telephone Social Interaction

The telephone made interaction easy and immediate – if you wanted to organize a night out or a party, you could do so straight away. However, the telephone was still regarded as rather casual for many years (even in the 70s, it was considered good manners to write an invitation rather than phone). It could take two weeks to organize a dinner party – nowadays you could have it all sewn up in 10 minutes.

In business, before the telephone, all interaction had to take place either by letter or face to face. Decisions could take weeks to come to pass and business meetings had to be organized around all the delegates’ timetables. Now, phones are used for many meetings, with conference calls (and videoconferencing) becoming increasingly common – a half-hour window in the diary is all you need. While the world has indeed got smaller, there is now far less need for professionals to travel around the world to meet clients and colleagues in other towns or even countries. They can talk in real time and make instant decisions.

The telephone has helped the move towards a more casual attitude when it comes to social and business interaction. No longer is the managing director just a name on the heading of a business letter, met only by senior managers allowed to travel to head office to see him or her. Now, they are at the end of the phone line, just like everybody else.

And the formal aspect of organizing your social life has also disappeared – nowadays the only time you’ll get a written invitation is to a wedding. A phone call is often all that’s needed to RSVP.

The rise of the mobile phone has accelerated this – we’re all available, 24-7, whether we’re on work time or not – and of course we are available at work to take social calls on our own mobiles. And when it comes to work, the telephone (along with the computer and the internet) has led to an expectation for instant results – make a call, get the sale; make a call and arrange that meeting; make a call and instantly get the figures you need to finish a presentation.

In some ways, it allows us to be less organized – you can always call to get that last detail you need for your report, or make a quick call to confirm where you’re going to meet for a drink – or call to say you’re on your way when you’ve caught the train. We all expect to be kept up to date, wherever we are and whatever the time of day. With the phone (and particularly the mobile phone) this is not an unrealistic expectation.

Voice Memo function. Make Some Music

voice memo app

When I try to write music, I often struggle with the fact that melodies, ideas and fragments don’t necessarily come at practical times, i.e. when I’m sitting down with an instrument and writing a chord progression with the intention of making it a part of a piece of music. I’ve read far too many interviews with musicians who talk about how they either had a functional way to capture fragments or how they regularly lost what could have become good songs or melodies because they didn’t have a way to capture them. Then came along Voice Memo.

Voice Memo
Voice Memo

The worst is waking up to a functional idea in the middle of the night and feeling no desire whatsoever to open up my computer or make a usable note while only half awake and somewhat able to communicate ideas in writing. I know I’ve lost well over a dozen ideas this way, and that if I’m going to have any luck getting things done, I have to change my behavior.

My strategy for logging my memories, then, is pretty simple: I record them into my telephone’s Voice Memo function. It provides me with only a few minutes of recording time and sounds utterly grainy and noisy, but I can use it as an easy way to track lots of things that I’d otherwise lose. Using just the simple included microphone I can sing a melody, if I have one in mind that I’m afraid I’ll lose, into the phone, then play it back when I’m in a more functional mindset or at my workspace, where I can then try to build it into a piece of music I’m working on.

If I make a recording, I can email it to myself using text messaging, then save the file on my computer, play it back, make edits, or even work the original recording into a project that I’m working on if I feel any desire to do so. When I’ve needed to make recordings for various reasons – collecting promotional messages for the radio station I used to work for, for example – the phone’s easy recording system proved hugely helpful for this purpose. I’ve also used it to record conversations, to make field recordings (in which I capture sounds around me either for purposes of preservation or for later experimentation and processing), and to play with noise and feedback in a very traditional, conventional setting.

Using the phone as a voice recorder I get distinct recordings of either myself or my surrounding environment, which I can then preserve in many compelling ways. I’m especially struck by the process of making field recordings because of the ways that certain environments and cities sound different, as if the noises and the languages spoken there, as well as the presence of absence of traffic, can have a direct impact on what the recording equipment captures. Carrying a bad microphone with space constraints as a Dictaphone is a liberating, easy thing, and a fun way to capture ideas and memories.

The HTC Magic

These days, smartphones are all the rage. Consumers no longer want cellular phones that just place calls. People want to be able to text, send and receive pictures, check email, download music, surf the internet, use Microsoft Office, and more. The cellular phone companies have developed more hi-tech phones to meet our needs, such as personal digital assistants or PDA’s. The HTC Magic is a PDA smartphone that is like having a handheld computer.

The HTC Magic provides quick, reliable service. It also has many desirable features, which places this phone above the others on the market.

Smartphones are taking over the cellular phone market and this one is revolutionary. The HTC Magic offers you fast and reliable cellular phone service. No matter how many features you want with your phone, having good service is still the most important. The phone offers 3.5 G network with wi-fi technology that makes smooth transitions between networks. The calls come in very clear and are rarely dropped.

The HTC Magic has many features along with it that make it a desirable phone as well as lots of accessories like a htc magic case. This touch-screen phone has HVGA resolution with 320×480 pixels. The phone also comes with Google apps, which include GPS and internet. You can also access other application downloads. Microsoft Word and Excel, Quick Office, and PDF Viewer come standard with it as well. The HTC Magic also includes ActiveSync by Microsoft Exchange and has email that allows you to synchronize your calendar and contacts. The 3.2 mega pixel camera takes excellent pictures, and you can upgrade the memory on this phone at any time.

Nowadays, as smartphones are becoming more popular many features are being added to make cellular phones more like handheld computers. The HTC magic is no exception. This phone offers excellent phone service while providing top of the line features for people who are looking for a phone and htc magic accessories that can do it all.

Take Control of Harassing Phone Calls

Take Control of Harassing Phone Calls

People are on the phone more now than ever before due to technology that allows complete mobility while talking. So many individuals spend a vast majority of their day conducting business, ordering products, speaking with customers, or just reaching out to a good friend via landline and cell phones. Along with this much usage, there is always the opportunity for someone to abuse the privilege in the form of harassment. Prank calls are normally thought to be jokesters playing around and then hanging up on non-suspecting individuals. However, if the caller continues to phone and make you uncomfortable, this may be a good time to notify someone.

Police departments normally have their hands tied when a complaint comes in about harassing phone calls. There has to be a bodily threat of harm to the receiver or their family before action can be taken. Although hang-ups can be annoying, threats become personal. Most individuals making the calls are able to block their name from appearing on caller identification. If you are able to see the number or find it on your phone bill, action can be taken.

There are now websites such as that can alert you to the harasser’s name. By entering the phone number, a search is completed until the person is identified by name and address. With this information, you can further the search by checking for criminal or arrest records. Access is given to the public as to whether the individual has ever been charged with a crime locally or nationally. Determining if the person has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony can alert you to the danger level at risk.

Once this information is obtained, eliminating the harassing calls may be as easy as stating the caller’s name and address when they contact you. This could stop the problem immediately. If the harassment continues, you have important information ready when contacting the police. An individual with a criminal record will most certainly alert law enforcement to the priority needs of a complaint. By utilizing sites similar to, the threat can be contained and taken care of through the help of local authorities. Phone harassment is not something to take lightly and individuals now have the ability to insure their safety.

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Reverse Phone Number: The Prank Caller’s Nightmare

Reverse Phone Number: The Prank Caller’s Nightmare

Prank calls seem harmless for some but it could be rather bothersome. Anyone who has experienced receiving prank or hoax phone calls—a series of it—will tell you that it’s not fun at all. Television sketches and movies make it seem cool for characters doing prank calls but not for the people on the other end of the line. The fact that someone has taken advantage of your contact details can cause you some level of anxiety. But worry not anymore, as technology is still a bane for us. Through a reverse phone number search, you will be able to pull information on your prank caller. You can do this entering the number of the caller on a website.

After registering the prank caller’s number, information pertaining to the caller as well as his network’s contact details and helpdesk number will come up as well. This enables the victim to report abuse. Reverse phone number search offers a fast solution to people’s hoax caller problems.

You can also benefit from it with your loved ones. Know who’s being in contact with your loved ones so you can guarantee their security. This feature might be frowned upon by some as it may seem like you’re crossing your family member’s privacy, but the safety and security offered by the reverse phone number search service has effaced this problem.

The reverse phone number search can also be beneficial not only for knowing prank callers but also for getting in touch with long-lost friends and family. Through this service, you can update your phone book and look up a person’s new number or new address, allowing you to send that person a card or pay him or her a visit. The busy modern life might have taken away your chance to catch up with someone, but reverse phone number search will give that option back to you.

Reverse phone number search sites and firms are largely present on the internet to help you. They might offer the service for free, however, they might only be able to provide information available on public domains compared to the more sophisticated information provided by sites that charge you for the service. The companies who charge for the reverse phone number search offer the service on an affordable price anyway so you can take advantage of it. You can never pay enough for your security and peace of mind.

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Reverse Phone Lookup Importance in This Modern Era

Reverse Phone Lookup Importance in This Modern Era

Society is becoming more attached to their mobile phones as the years go by. The dawn of technology not only sped up communication means, but it also made people dependent on it. Gone were the days when people still memorize phone numbers as new mobile phone features allow subscribers to attach a ringtone or even pictures to a specific phonebook contact so that they are made aware immediately of who’s calling them. However, what happens if technology plays a trick on you and you lose your phonebook contact?

How do you find out who’s calling you? The method is through the reverse phone lookup. Your caller might be an old friend whom you’ve lost contact with a person you’ve given you’re number to but completely forgot about it. There are so many reasons why someone would be calling you. The reverse phone look up feature allows you to give you all the information you need about your caller, and all you have to do is register your number on a website.

A great benefit of the reverse phone lookup is security. Parents worry all the time on the type of friends their children have as well as the peer pressure their kids are encountering as we speak. With the reverse phone look up, parents need not to worry of who their children are with or who’s trying to contact their kids. Security is a priceless thing the reverse phone lookup facility can offer for people of any gender, age, and ethnicity.

The reverse phone lookup feature might be costly for some. However, some websites offer the service for totally free or on a free week trial. But, free or not, who doesn’t want to guarantee the security of their loved ones right? Understanding the great benefits of the reverse phone lookup method could be the best thing will ever happen to you. Whether you want to know your friend’s number or a prank caller’s details, using reverse phone look up to your advantage offers you a lot of possibilities.

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