Watch out for Internet Killers

Watch out for Internet Killers

There is an extremely alarming phenomenon happening of which many parents are not aware of. Although many people understand that the World Wide Web has killers, most do not comprehend the numbers of such people that are around and the kind of places or communities they stay in. The truth is that the World Wide Web is replete with sex criminals and pedophiles. A number of these sex criminals and pedophiles are convinced that their acts and ideas are right and proper; so much so that some communities of such people are endeavoring to alter the law so that they can treat themselves to their sexual fantasies. Many of these have been convicted by the law and move about in groups of other illegal convicts. And what are they up to? They are on the look-out for susceptible children browsing online. This is a scary thought is it not? As a parent one should be extremely cautious in order to save one’s children from these dangers. Below are some useful pointers for safeguarding your children when they are online.

  • Do not permit your kids to upload their photographs online. Avoid uploading images of your kids on any social networking websites. It is a well known fact that predators pick up pictures from online photo galleries and upload these on pedophile portals.
  • Keep a careful watch on the persons that your kids converse with online. Most pedophiles and sex criminals are known to ensnare youngsters through a chat. Experts have noted that most pedophiles end up talking to kids or teenagers for a period of weeks or months before even trying to fix a meeting.
  • If you discover that there’s a doubtful entity either sending emails or SMSs to your adolescent or child, determine who the person is. Some easy methods to do this are:

First go to a website which permits you to do an immediate background verification of anyone – even if you only have an e-mail address. One website which is known for this is Using this website you type in the e-mail and you can determine if that particular person has ever been involved in or found guilty of a criminal offence. The website will also give you the person’s name, address and phone number in addition to the regional and national details of the conviction or arrest. This information will help you understand if you need to be concerned about this person chatting with your youngster. The other obvious thing is that if it is an adult that your child is interacting with you need to be worried, since there is little reason for a grown up person to chat, SMS or communicate with a youngster they have come across on the internet.

If you happen to find that this adult had been held guilty for a criminal offence, especially a sexual offence, you must inform your regional police about them as well as the FBI right away. Many of these sexual criminals are known to make several criminal offences, chat with several children, look at child photos online and do many more terrible offences. Therefore exposing such persons and informing the law and order establishments is important. Talking to your youngster is infringing upon the law. Verify them. Understand who these people are using the above mentioned process and ensure the security of your youngster. No parent can be excessively careful when it comes to the safety and security of their children.

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

Many times you find yourself receiving cell phone calls from numbers that are not familiar. Sometimes you will call the number back to find out who it was or you may even just hit the delete button. As adults, you can choose whether to take a call or not. Adolescents and small children will always call that number out of curiosity. A problem arises when the owner of the number is not genuine.

The list of sex offenders in the United States has risen to dangerously high proportions. Children can come into contact with a stranger long enough to obtain a cell phone number while in the presence of an adult. Most predators are sly in their manner of attracting young people while distracting their parents. If you have ever wondered who your child is calling or found a cell number with no name on their phone, you may need to take action.

Protecting someone can easily be done by visiting a website called You can enter the number and soon find out who is calling. A name, address, and other records can be obtained without difficulty. When children are involved, it is important to check criminal records for any felonies or other dangerous convictions. One can also locate information as to whether the individual in question is on the sex offender’s list. If your young person has been approached by a dangerous individual, you have the information required by law enforcement to make an arrest.

Sexual predators will seek out their victims, sometimes getting to know them better before actually committing a crime. Contact via cell phone is very easy with today’s technological capability. Utilizing allows information to be obtained and safety to be addressed instantly. Parents now have the capacity to insure their child’s protection by simply typing in a number.

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