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Using A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service within Facebook

Fortunately, reverse phone searches are easier than reverse e-mail lookups. The latter requires some guesswork and doesn’t always produce results. Various sites offer phone lookup services, but they charge hefty fees for a single use. Therefore, individuals should look for reliable, free solutions. Entering phone numbers in the following sites will yield results for free.

Facebook users have their own reverse cell phone lookup solution and don’t even know it. By entering a phone number into the search field, results will pop up. Results will show whether the number’s owner has their privacy settings utilized or not. This tactic works … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Be Your Own Private Investigator: Reverse Phone Lookups for Worried Spouses

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Be Your Own Private Investigator: Reverse Phone Lookups for Worried Spouses

If you’re worried that your spouse (or intimate partner) is having an affair with someone else, you are most probably going through a lot of emotional distress…such as pain, hurt, jealousy and anger. In most cases, the suspicious party wants to find out more information or proof that his or her partner is being unfaithful. Usually, the services of private investigators are used for this purpose. However, that option has many disadvantages. First, hiring a private investigator would need a considerable budget. You might end up spending hundreds of … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones