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Saving Money On Cell Phone Bills

How To Cut Cell Phone Charges

Knowing how to cut cell phone charges may help you to get a better value for your dollar when it comes to the amount of money you spend to keep your phone working. Many people make the mistake of paying too much for their phones simply because they do not know how many minutes they are using during the month. Instead of paying for an excessive amount of minutes, look through six of your most recent bills. When you have an average number of minutes, this would provide you with an idea of what … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

The Top 5 Navigation Apps for Smart Phones

The dawn of the smart-phones has brought about not only the phenomena of increasing head injuries as people walk into lamp posts while sending text message to their friends and playing Angry Birds. More interestingly however, the mass adoption of these lifestyle devices has brought about a renegotiation with the physical landscape and the way we interact with our environments. Here are the top 5 Navigation Apps for Smart Phones.

Not only have smart phones effectively made the trusty old Sat Nav obsolete, they’ve left the old timer trudging off into the distanced red-faced and feeling dejected. You … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Dad Hammers Cell Phone after Text Messaging Bill Arrives

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Dad Hammers Cell Phone after Text Messaging Bill Arrives

According to reports, the father of a teen in Wyoming got angry when his daughter ran up an incredible bill with text messages. The bill was for $4,750 for Dena Christoffersen and her father who received 20,000 text messages during one month. The dad thought text messaging had been disabled for a plan that did not cover the service. The dad decided to get rid of the cell phone by smashing it with a hammer.

The daughter is now grounded for the remainder … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones