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Mobile Phones In The Car- Distraction Or Okay?

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The mobile phone usage in the car debate is one that has been talked about for years and there are already a lot of countries including UK, China, Poland, Australia and Brazil that have already said yes to ban the use of a mobile phone in the car.

The main country that is yet to say yes on a whole is the USA and this currently is put down to the individual states voting independently to make a decision. States like Alabama, Idaho and Delaware are all still saying no to a ban whereas other states like California, Washington and … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones

Outlawing All Cell Phone Use Not Practical

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Outlawing All Cell Phone Use Not Practical

South Carolina took important steps in reducing cell phone use on their roads this week by banning cell phone use by the SC Department of Transportation and the Department of Safety employees while operating state motor vehicles. The state policy might become state law and legislatures consider banning texting for all drivers in the state.

According to national statistics, 6,000 deaths in 2008 resulted from inattentive drivers. With 500,000 injures resulting from drivers that were distracted for one reason or another. And a recent survey found that 40% of cell phone users did … Read more at Reverse Cell Phones